Will Your Estate Plan Work?

My wife and I recently purchased a mattress and are in the process of replacing our car that was stolen/wrecked ( a story for another time). With most of these products, you can try them out for a few days or a few months. If it doesn't work right or you don't like it, you return it with no further obligation. This ability to try things out provides a sense of comfort and confidence in your purchase.

How do you get the same effect with your estate plan? You really won't know whether your estate plan works like it should until your incapacitated or you've died. Those aren't the ideal times to validate your estate plan. There are ways to ensure your plan will work. 1) Don't do it yourself. Let a professional handle it. 2) Work with an attorney who is experienced and has created plans that have proven effective. 3) If you have an existing plan, have it reviewed.